Start Your SIP in Gold

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP in gold (also known as digital gold SIP) is a sure-shot way to perform disciplined investments in Digital Gold. Gold SIP encourages regular consistent investments and is a great option for those who do not wish to invest LumpSum in Digital Gold Investment Plans.

Invest in 999 certified digital gold through SIP and overlook your Investment Growth. So what are you waiting for, start it now. Choose the amount (Rs.) you wish to save in gold every month Select the Tenure for which you want to save (Minimum 6 months) Choose a convenient date for monthly debit (payment will be deducted from your account on that date during applicable tenure).

Benefits of SIP in Gold

  1. Invest regularly and in frequent intervals. Start as Low as Rs 1.
  2. Overlook Investment Portfolio through App Dashboard.
  3. Industry leading competitive prices. Certified 999 24 Karat Gold.
  4. Easy and Convenient way to purchase Digital Gold.
  5. Get physical delivery depending on your needs.

Create Monthly Gold Savings Plan

GOLD(Purity of Gold : 99.9%)(Purity : 99.9%)
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Payment Channel 

Why is SIP in Gold the Right Choice for You?

Digital Gold SIP is a safe and secure investment option for you without hurting your pocket. This helps you to remain dedicated and committed towards your investment goals. Investment in gold helps you to diversify your portfolio offering and helps you get a convenient way to book profits. It is one of the most trusted and secured gold investment schemes Gen-Z can look up to. Here are a few of the top reasons you should invest in Gold fund SIP.

  1. Eliminate hidden charges on physical gold Investments.
  2. Deal in Pure Gold certified 999 and accredited By BIS/NABL Hallmark.
  3. Foolproof way to Mitigate Gold Handling Risks.
  4. Buy at Competitive prices.

How does it work?

Gold SIP is the smartest, safest and the most convenient way to accumulate small amounts of Gold through SIP.

  1. Choose Your Amount:Decide how much you want to invest in Digital Gold Through Monthly SIP.
  2. Store in Secured Vaults:Our agents purchase digital gold on your behalf and store them in Secured Vaults.
  3. Redeem Your Investments:At a later date or at a profitable time, you can sell gold depending on favorable market conditions.
  4. Get Delivery:If you prefer, you can ask for physical delivery of your SIP gold Portfolio at your doorstep, by paying a nominal delivery fee.

Why Choose Sip In Gold With Muthoot Eswarna?

We believe every man or woman should cherish and have the opportunity to invest in Gold. As we know, Gold has seen a steady trajectory in prices since the dawn of time. Utilise and invest in state-of-the-art digital decentralized platforms that gives the convenience and flexibility to comfortably help you trade in gold using Gold SIP investment by Muthoot Eswarna.

  1. Industry leading market prices.
  2. Safe, secure and convenient
  3. Invest any amount.
  4. Certified BIS hallmarked 999 gold
  5. Secure storage on your behalf
  6. Get physical delivery depending on your needs

Muthoot Eswarna offers you the best gold saving scheme for today's generation. You can opt for a monthly gold purchase plan using Gold SIPs. A Gold SIP plan can help you make the right investment option using an online gold savings scheme. A good Gold Savings plan can ensure you higher returns and profits.