Digital Gold

  • 0% Transaction & Making Changes

  • 100% Secure Vaulting Facility

  • Guaranteed 24K - 999.9 Purest Gold

  • Now Buy Gold For as Low As Rs. 1

Buy Rate (Rs.) - 5,230.56/gm(24k 99.9% Purity)

*GST not included

GOLD(Purity of Gold : 99.9%)(Purity : 99.9%)

What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a form of investing in physical gold through the online medium. You can hold the digital gold that you purchase online in your digital gold wallet. Buy, sell, and receive the physical delivery of the gold at the click of a button!

Buy E Gold Online

Quality, authenticity, and safety are extremely important factors to consider while investing in 24 Karat digital gold. People normally prefer to visit stores / goldsmiths and inspect the physical product before making a purchase decision. After all, it's a valuable item, and people are naturally cautious.

Swarna gives you the freedom and comfort of buying digital gold in India without worrying about its quality, purity, or safety. Invest in digital gold in small amounts according to your convenience and budget.

As the price of digital gold is the same across all cities in India, you can buy and sell pure digital gold at real-time market prices. Each quantity of digital gold purchased by you is backed by real physical gold and stored safely in a vault.

Benefits of Digital Gold Investment with eSwarna

    Digital gold can be purchased online in small fractions (Eg: for Rs 100). You no longer need to spend thousands of rupees and buy more than you wish to purchase. This gold is conveniently stored in your safe vault, which allows you to sell it whenever you want easily.

  • Purest Gold
  • Are you concerned about the authenticity of the digital gold that is available for sale online? We at eSwarna assure you of 24 Karat gold with 99.9% of purity. Assay certified gold.*

  • Unnecesary Costs Eliminated
  • Purchasing digital gold online eliminates many costs (including making charges, sellers, and storage) that you would have to pay if you buy gold the traditional way.

  • Gold at your Beck and Call
  • Have gold delivered to your door at the click of a button! You can begin amassing your fortune in gold by making small purchases. In addition, eSwarna also allows you to sell gold immediately at current market prices in just a few clicks.


How Digital Gold Works ?

The digital gold price is the same across India, so you can buy and sell gold online at the live market- prices. This digital gold that you buy online is backed by physical gold. eSwarna gives you the opportunity to buy digital gold online in small quantities so you don't have to make a large investment commitment right away. You also avoid paying additional fees such as making charges, sellers cuts, and storage fees incurred upfront while buying physical gold.

A quick tip: keep an eye on the 24K gold price displayed on our website.

Buy and Sell Digital Gold Online

Purchase gold in small quantities in denominations as low as Rs 1. No documentation is required when purchasing digital gold from eSwarna. You can easily start investing in gold online with our 2 step buying process.

Investing in e-gold adds the convenience of being able to buy and sell gold from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to go through the trouble of visiting a physical store to inquire about the gold price and complete transactions.

Buy Gold Online in India

Sell Gold Online in India

Begin purchasing Gold online in India with just Re 1.

The gold can be physically delivered to your doorstep.

The e-gold you buy is securely stored in a vault.

Sell your gold at real-time prices

The e-gold that you purchased can be easily sold at any time and from any location.

It provides you with easy access to cash in case of a financial emergency.

Why Choose eSwarna For Digital Gold Investment in India ?

  • Simple & Quick Process
  • Now buy, sell and redeem e-gold online through eSwarna—our seamless processes and quick support back all your transactions.

  • No Purchase limit
  • While you can buy pure gold in small quantities, there is no cap on the upper limit of digital gold you can purchase.

  • No Surprises
  • We believe in complete transparency. You don't have to worry about any hidden charges. Also, rest assured that you will be provided with all information upfront.

  • Minimal Documentation
  • Only complete basic KYC documentation when purchasing digital gold through our 2-click buying process.

  • Trusted Partner
  • Our large customer base in India attests to the trust we have built in the market. When you buy gold from us, you can be rest assured that you are getting the purest gold possible.

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